About Us

Half an hour and 100 years back in time, The reserve_ Fagu provides an unforgettable experience for the enlightened traveller who wants to experience the scenic beauty of North Bengal without burning a hole in his pocket. As you step into the 19th century colonial Tea Bunglow with elaborate period furniture, fireplaces, sloping verandahs looking out to the majestic mountain ranges and the and the endless acres of tea plantations, you are transported back into an unforgettable era- an era of high teas, long drawn out picnics by the riverside, bird gazing and barbeques. Sitting in the verandah, with a cup of Darjeeling tea, shrouded by mist, the tea plantation stretching out infinitely before you, it gives you a feeling of having stepped into a period film of yesteryears and you can almost visualise someone reciting Shakespeare or Tagore in their sonorous baritone. You will never run out of things to do here. You can spend your days exploring the nearby famous tourist attractions like Lava, Kalimpong, the picturesque village of Suntaleykhola or a famous scenic place called Fafar khati. Or you can just opt for one of the guided tours into the tea estate, where you can visualize firsthand the process of tea manufacturing which ends with a tea drinking session. As you take long walks through the orchards and the evergreen forests marvelling at the impossible colours of the sunset what you will experience is the dream holiday you had always imagined.